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Are you prepared for a gaming adventure that will get your adrenaline pumping like never before? At Jiliko, we bring you the exhilaration of Bombing Fishing games. Step into a world where your angling skills meet explosive excitement. Let’s explore what makes our Bombing Fishing games a must-try at Jiliko.

What is Bombing Fishing?

What is Bombing Fishing

Bombing Fishing is a standout game with its stunning graphics that leave a lasting impression on players right from their first encounter. In today’s market of fish shooting games, like monster hunter, royal fish shooting, and Zombie Party, it’s a challenge to captivate and engage users. However, the developers of Bombing Fishing have put considerable thought into crafting unique features for this game.

What sets Bombing Fishing apart is not just its impressive 3D design, which provides a realistic gaming experience, but also its distinctive in-game effects that offer players novel sensations, unlike the run-of-the-mill games out there. Additionally, the game offers a rich array of fish to shoot at and powerful weapons to do so, ensuring users have ample opportunities to quickly earn rewards without getting bored.

Moreover, the game features meticulously planned events with enticing bonuses that are regularly refreshed, providing players with a consistently fresh and exciting gaming experience. Amidst the sea of fish shooting games available, Bombing Fishing stands out as a trustworthy choice, delivering top-notch design, engaging content, and generous rewards for players.

How to Play Bombing Fishing

How to Play Bombing Fishing

Just like many other fish shooting games available, the key to unlocking fantastic bonuses in Bombing Fishing is to aim and shoot at the various fish and monsters within the game. Each creature comes with its own value, so if you take the time to learn about each fish’s characteristics, you can boost the bonuses you earn.

Currently, Bombing Fishing hosts various special events that run regularly. By actively participating in these events, you’ll have the chance to earn exclusive rewards from the game’s unique system, in addition to impressive bonuses when you’re out there shooting fish.

Game Modes Simplified

In this game, you’ll encounter three shooting modes to suit your preferences:

  • Normal Shooting Mode: This mode lets you take control, allowing you to aim and select your target. Simply click on the screen where you want to shoot, and the system will automatically fire at your chosen spot.
  • Autofire Mode: When you’re short on time or need a break but still want to collect rewards, activate the autofire mode. You can choose which creatures to target within the game settings. Once activated, the system will automatically locate and shoot at the selected creatures, so you can relax without needing to interact with the mouse.
  • Sight Shooting Mode: If your aiming skills could use some help, the sight shooting mode is your friend. When you enable this mode, just click on the creature you want to eliminate. The system will then follow the target and continue firing until it’s out of sight or defeated.

Types of Bombing Fishing Game Rooms

Types of Bombing Fishing Game Rooms

The BOMBING FISHING game offers three different rooms, each with its own unique features:

  • Joy Hall (Room Range: 0.1 – 10): In this room, you’ll find the exclusive “Immortal Ocean King” feature.
  • Regal Hall (Room Range: 1 – 80): Here, you can enjoy special features like the “Awaken Boss,” “Free Nuclear Bomb,” and the exciting “Bounty Game.”
  • Golden Hall (Room Range: 10 – 100): The Golden Hall also offers the “Awaken Boss” and “Free Nuclear Bomb” features, along with the chance to win a massive “1200x Bounty Game” prize.

Tips for Successful Bombing Fishing Shooting

Tips for Successful Bombing Fishing Shooting

To maximize your bonus earnings in the game, consider these valuable tips from seasoned players:

Avoid Excessive Auto-Fire

Using the auto-fire mode too much can gradually diminish your gaming skills and won’t optimize your spending in the game. If you’re aiming for higher bonus rates, steer clear of relying solely on automatic fire.

Target the Corners

Take advantage of the four corners on the game’s interface. These corners offer a high reward rate, with a constant stream of fish appearing there. Additionally, the corners support a bounce feature, allowing you to shoot once and hit twice.

Understand Game Features

Bombing Fishing offers a variety of meticulously designed events. Understanding the rules for participating and receiving in-game rewards can lead to impressive bonuses that many players might overlook. Discover these functionalities to elevate your gaming immersion.

Explore Bombing Fishing Game Features

Explore Bombing Fishing Game Features

The arrival of the deep-sea giant squid introduces a thrilling experience. Embark on a journey with a lucky wheel that could turn you into a millionaire, all within the captivating world of fish shooting games. Here, you can win substantial prizes by targeting special fish and easily chase down the lord of the sea. Numerous rewards await you, from the visually stunning deep-sea creatures to spectacular firing turrets and a mountain of gold coins that will amaze you as you embark on your fishing adventure. The game offers both quick-paced moments and opportunities for extended control, turning your dreams of becoming a winner into a reality. Don’t hesitate when you see swarms of fish emerging; it’s your time to shoot for the stars!

Immortal Boss

Encounter the Golden Toad & Lobster King: When the immortal boss makes an appearance, players have the continuous chance to win prizes until the boss departs.

Bounty Game

Catch the Bounty Crab: When you capture a Bounty Crab, roll the die; landing on “bonus” initiates the exciting Bounty Game. Enjoy multiple free laser cannon charges within this game, aiming to catch crabs for substantial rewards, with the potential to earn up to 1200 times your bet (Joy Hall offers up to 600 times).

Special Weapon

Utilize the Golden Bomb: Deducting 50 times your bet, trigger a small-scale explosion in the fishing area with the possibility of eliminating any type of fish.


Engage the Torpedo: Switch to the torpedo launcher by clicking “Torpedo,” then target a large fish on the screen to launch an attack. Each shot deducts your bet by 10 times.

Awaken Boss

Conquer the Ocean Kings: Eliminating Ocean Kings provides an opportunity to activate Power Ups, resulting in high multiplier prizes.

Bombing Fishing Game Payout

Bombing Fishing Game Payout

The rewards in the Bombing Fishing Game are based on capturing 29 different types of fish within the game, encompassing both regular and unique fish. Here are the payout rates for all of them:

Fish TypePayout Range
General FishMultiply by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, 20, 25, and 30.
Golden Fishx35, x40, x45
Functional FishThunder Consecutive: x50 – x70Serial Bomb Crab: x60 – x80Drill Bit Lobster: x20 – x80
Immortal BossMultiplier Puffer: x20 – x100Golden Toad: x70 – x120Lobster King: x90 – x150
Awaken BossCrystal Crab: x80 – x200Fortune Turtle: x100 – x250Golden Dragon: x140 – x350
Bounty GameJoy Hall Star Crab: x10 – x30. Bonus Crab: x200 – x600x (Joy Hall)Star Crab: x10 – x45. Bonus Crab: x200 – x1200x (Regal Hall and Golden Hall)

Bombing Fishing is an exciting fish shooting game brought to you by JILI gaming. In this game, you’ll have the opportunity to hunt 29 different types of fish, each offering various payout rates, including both general and special fish. Additionally, you can win prizes from lucky crabs with random payouts of up to 1200 times. If you’re a fan of fish shooting games and are interested in making money, consider trying Bombing Fishing, the online fish shooting game available at Jiliko. Sign up today and take advantage of our great Register Welcome Bonus to start playing!


Bombing Fishing is an exciting game where you shoot fish to win prizes. It offers a variety of fish and special features for players to enjoy.

To improve your chances, try different game modes and weapons. Understanding the game’s features and fish types can also help you win big.

Bombing Fishing offers Normal, Autofire, and Sight shooting modes to suit your preferences.

You can encounter Special Fish, Special Weapons, Deep Sea Fish, Torpedo attacks, Immortal Bosses, Awaken Bosses, and exciting Bounty Games with great rewards.

The game offers various payout rates depending on the type of fish you catch, ranging from x2 to x1200.


In conclusion, Bombing Fishing at Jiliko Casino is an action-packed and rewarding game that offers players the chance to win big while enjoying the thrill of fish shooting. With its diverse game modes, special features, and a wide variety of fish, it’s an engaging experience for both beginners and seasoned players. Dive into the world of Bombing Fishing and explore the deep sea adventures that await you at Jiliko Online Casino. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reel in impressive rewards and have a great time while doing so!

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