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Step into the world of Boom Legend, where the excitement of Jiliko’s casino games reaches its peak. Unlike ordinary casino games, Boom Legend offers a legendary adventure just waiting for you.

Boom Legend stands out as one of the most captivating games in the world of online betting. Its gameplay resembles the classic fish shooting game, but with a unique twist. While it may seem simple, mastering the game is the key to winning fantastic prizes.

From the moment it hit the scene, Boom Legend made a huge splash in the gaming world, especially in the realm of redemption games. If you’re curious to learn more about this extraordinary fish shooting game, don’t rush to click away from this article.

What exactly is Boom Legend?

What exactly is Boom Legend

Well, Boom Legend is a special kind of game called a fishing slot game, but it’s not your usual one. It’s designed to give you a truly impressive gaming experience.

Imagine yourself in a magical world where the creatures you aim to catch are not ordinary fish but fantastical monsters. In Boom Legend, you become a skilled monster slayer, and it’s much more thrilling than the typical fish shooting game.

What makes it even more exciting is that the game offers some cool features to help you earn bonuses faster. It’s like a battle, and your mission is to defeat as many different monsters as you can. Boom Legend is a game that brings a fresh and exciting twist to the fishing slot game genre. If you’re a fan of this type of game and want something new and different, Boom Legend is your perfect match.

How to Play Boom Legend Fishing

How to Play Boom Legend Fishing

Let’s dive into how you can play Boom Legend Fishing. Follow our easy guide below to understand the game better, including what you need to do, how the game looks, and some cool features. We’ll also cover how to place your bets, pick paylines, and choose special weapons.

  1. What’s the Game All About: In Boom Legend, your main job is to take down monsters and collect rewards. Each monster has its own prize value, which you can see in the game’s table.
  2. The Game Screen and Features: Get to know the game screen and its various parts. You’ll find things like the game window, where you choose your weapons, adjust your bet, select paylines, and more.
  3. Betting Your Way: Boom Legend lets you decide how much you want to bet. Think about your budget and how much risk you’re comfortable with before setting your bet amount.
  4. Picking Paylines: Paylines are like the paths where you can win. In Boom Legend, you can choose how many of these paths you want to play on, depending on your strategy.
  5. Special Weapons Selection: Boom Legend has some awesome special weapons to boost your gameplay and improve your chances of winning. You can go for Rocket Punch, Mystery Chest, Mines, Axe, Hammer, Lightning Spear, and more – they’re your secret weapons for success!

Boom Legend Fishing Game Features

Boom Legend Fishing Game Features

Special Monsters

Meet these extraordinary creatures in Boom Legend:

  • Goblin Bomber:   
  • After you beat the Goblin Bomber, it drops a bomb.
  • When the bomb goes kaboom, it might shove nearby monsters away.
  • Medusa:   
  • Once you defeat Medusa, her eerie eye shows up.
  • It turns monsters into stone and deals some damage to them.
  • Black Knight:
  • To take down the Black Knight, use Blade Aura to attack within the damage zone.

Special Weapons

Now, let’s check out some amazing special weapons:

  • Rocket Punch: Launches a fist upward, piercing through and pushing back all monsters in its path.
  • Mystery Chest: Open the Mystery Box for a surprise – either Rocket Punch or Mines.
  • Mines:
  • Place these explosive mines anywhere on the map.
  • They blow up and damage monsters in a big area.
  • Axe: When you use the Axe, it deducts 5 times your bet value for a more powerful strike against the targeted monster.
  • Hammer:
  • The Hammer costs 15 times your bet value but packs a punch.
  • It hammers down on the targeted monster and even zaps nearby monsters with lightning.
  • Lightning Spear:
  • Build up energy by shooting at monsters.
  • Once the energy bar is full, unleash the Lightning Spear for a shocking attack in the screen’s center.
  • Keep in mind:
  • Energy gained depends on your bet size.
  • Using the Lightning Spear empties the energy bar.
  • If you leave the game or get disconnected for over 3 minutes, the energy bar resets.
  • The Lightning Spear auto-triggers if the energy bar stays full for over 3 minutes.

More Specials

  • Dreadfreaks: When you kill monsters, they might come back as Dreadfreaks. Defeating them can earn you even bigger rewards (up to 2 times the odds).
  • Bonus Cyclops: Attack for regular odds. Beat the Cyclops for 5 times the base odds and a chance to get a treasure map. Collect 10 maps for a Golden Treasure Chest.
  • Golden Demons: Take down a Golden Demon to possibly score a Treasure Chest. Silver Chests give you 2 times the odds, while Gold Chests offer 6 times the odds.
  • Bonus Demon: Defeat the Crocodile for the prize money listed in the table. Bigger bets increase your chances of landing in the higher bonus range.
  • Giant Octopus:
  • Shoot Octopus Heads & Arms in a row to rack up Rage Points.
  • Fill the Rage Bar for a chance at winning a prize.
  • Target a Furious Octopus for juicier rewards, with a max multiplier of 800 times.

Tips & Tricks for Success in Boom Legend Fishing

Tips & Tricks for Success in Boom Legend Fishing

Winning at Boom Legend Fishing is within your reach with these straightforward tips:

Get the Hang of the Game

Start by getting comfortable with the game’s rules and mechanics, which you can find in our earlier section on “How to Play Boom Legend Fishing Game.” Knowing how to bet, use special weapons, and play by the rules sets a strong foundation for your gaming adventure.

Study the Paytable

Take a good look at the game’s paytable. It holds the key to understanding what rewards and bonuses you can score by defeating different monsters. Keep in mind that the larger your bet, the better your chances of landing those higher-end bonuses.

Special Weapons Savvy

Be strategic with your special weapons, like the Rocket Punch, Mines, Axe, Hammer, and Lightning Spear. Each of these weapons has unique powers that can help you take down monsters more efficiently, boosting your chances of victory.

Target Those Special Monsters

Pay extra attention to the special monsters, such as the Goblin Bomber, Medusa, and Black Knight. Defeating them unlocks extra perks, like shoving other monsters around, dealing damage in specific zones, or discovering treasure maps that lead to additional rewards.

Power Up with Lightning Spear

Shoot monsters to gather energy for your Lightning Spear. Keep at it until your energy bar is full, and then unleash the mighty Lightning Spear attack. This can lead to some impressive rewards and create opportunities for big wins.

With these tips at your fingertips, you’ll be well-equipped to conquer the world of Boom Legend Fishing and reel in those exciting rewards!

The Top Choice for Boom Legend Fishing

The Top Choice for Boom Legend Fishing

When it comes to finding the best casino to enjoy the excitement of Boom Legend Fishing, Jiliko is your ultimate destination. If you’re searching for a gaming platform that offers an extraordinary and immersive experience with this thrilling game, you need not look any further than Jiliko Online Casino.

Jiliko Casino is renowned for its impressive range of features and its stellar reputation, making it the perfect place for players in search of an unmatched gaming adventure.

At Jiliko Casino, you’ll find a cutting-edge gaming environment that seamlessly combines functionality, a user-friendly interface, and a vast array of games, including the beloved Boom Legend Fishing Game. This reputable online casino places a high emphasis on player satisfaction and ensures a safe and fair gaming atmosphere for all.


Boom Legend Fishing is an exciting online casino game where players try to catch and defeat various monsters to earn rewards. It’s a blend of fishing and slot games.

Yes, many casinos offer mobile-friendly versions of Boom Legend Fishing, allowing you to play on your smartphone or tablet.

To win, you need to defeat monsters and utilize special weapons effectively. Master the game mechanics, study the paytable, target special monsters, and make the most of your energy with the Lightning Spear.

Yes, if you choose a reputable online casino like Jiliko, your gaming experience should be secure and fair. Always play at licensed and trusted casinos.

Some online casinos may offer a demo version of the game for free, allowing you to practice before playing with real money.


In conclusion, Boom Legend Fishing is a captivating and unique Online casino game that offers players an exciting adventure filled with monsters, special weapons, and big rewards. Jiliko Casino stands out as a top choice for enjoying this game, thanks to its outstanding reputation and commitment to player satisfaction. 

Remember, success in Boom Legend Fishing comes from mastering the game mechanics, using special weapons wisely, and targeting special monsters. Whether you’re playing on your computer or mobile device, always choose a trusted and licensed casino for a safe and enjoyable gaming experience. So, get ready to embark on your own legendary fishing journey and reel in those fantastic prizes!

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