Jiliko’s Aquatic Treasure Hunt: Dive into Jackpot Fishing!

jackpot fishing

Jackpot Fishing in Jiliko is an exhilarating casino-style game that combines the excitement of fishing with the chance to win big rewards. In this unique experience, players cast their virtual lines into a vibrant underwater world teeming with colorful fish and challenging bosses. Armed with special torpedo weapons, you’ll embark on an adventure where every catch brings you closer to hitting the jackpot. Get ready to immerse yourself in the thrill of the hunt and the excitement of big payouts in Jiliko‘s Jackpot Fishing!

Unlocking the Excitement: Understanding Jackpot Fishing

Unlocking the Excitement Understanding Jackpot Fishing

Jackpot Fishing games offer a virtual casino experience with real-money rewards, setting them apart from traditional slots by featuring progressive cash prizes, a larger player base, and substantial payouts. Players utilize in-game virtual weaponry to earn points by catching fish, potentially revealing valuable rewards like coins and gems. As they accumulate rewards, players progress through levels, aiming for the coveted Jackpot round and the chance to win significant prizes. These games also offer a social dimension, allowing players to join friends or global tournaments, competing for leaderboard ranks and exciting rewards while making new connections in a thrilling entertainment experience.

Functions of Jackpot Fishing Casino Slots

Functions of Jackpot Fishing Casino Slots

Functions of Jackpot Fishing Casino Slots

Here are the functions and options available in the Jackpot Fishing Casino Slots game:

  1. Game Modes: There are three game modes to pick from: Pleasure Room with a betting range of 0.1 to 50, King Room with a limit of 1 to 100, and King Room (VIP) also with a limit of 1 to 100.
  2. Special Weapons: You can choose from two special weapons:
  • Torpedoes are powerful and suitable for catching large fish, but they cost 6 times your current bet.
  • Electric guns are free to use and get charged up as you bet. They have strong firepower and can instantly catch fish in the pond.
  • The default gun is a small red-colored firearm with a single-shot capability. It uses standard bullets that cannot penetrate through multiple targets when fired in rapid succession.
  1. Game Rewards and Bonuses:
  • Fish shooting refunds come in 18 levels, ranging from $30 to $50,000, depending on your betting amount.
  • There are three levels of cashback rewards: Copper, Silver, and Golden Treasure Chests, with different prize ranges.
  • Weekly cashback rewards accumulate based on your betting activity.
  1. Menu Options:
  • Room Change: You can switch rooms to increase your betting limit.
  • Game Data: View game features and payout rates.
  • Sound Control: Turn game sounds on or off.
  • Activities: Check for special events and their schedules.
  • Betting Information: Review your betting history.
  1. Automatic Firing: You can set the game to automatically shoot at fish of your choice with a specified betting amount. It can target multiple fish in a random pattern.
  2. Target Lock: Choose a fish to shoot, and the gun will automatically fire until the fish is caught or swims away from the pond.

Features of Jackpot Fishing Casino Slots

Features of Jackpot Fishing Casino Slots

In the Jackpot Fishing game, there are special features:

Effects Fish

  • Thunder Shark: When you catch it, lightning strikes other nearby fish randomly.
  • Crab Torpedoes: Catching them launches bombs at nearby fish.
  • Anemones: Catching them creates a whirlwind that affects all fish in the pond.
  • Primitive Fish, Angkin Fish, and Lucky Turtles: Catching these fish earns you extra cash.


  • To use the Torpedo Artillery and deal more damage to big fish, just click on the Torpedo. Each time you use a torpedo, it deducts 6 times your current bet.

Special Fish

  • When special fish show up, players can shoot them to increase their base multiplier rate. This might give them a chance to win up to five times the Super Win.

Treasure Bowl

  • If you spot the Treasure Bowl, shooting at it gives you a chance to win the Small Prize (3x) or even the Critical Hit Jackpot in a row.

Jackpot System Chance to win Jackpot

  • To win the Conditional Prize, you need to place bets ranging from 0.2 to 0.6. 
  • For the Lucky Prize, you have a chance if you bet between 0.8 and 4. 
  • To aim for the Grand Prize, your bets should fall between 5 and 100.

Payout Rates for Jackpot Fishing Casino Slots

Payout Rates for Jackpot Fishing Casino Slots

The payouts in Jackpot Fishing games vary, thanks to the added jackpot prize feature. In this game, players have 27 different types of fish to shoot, and here are the payouts for each one.

  1. Typical fish rewards include multipliers of 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 8x, 10x, 12x, 15x, 20x, 25x, 30x, 35x, 50x, 55x, and 60x your initial bet.
  2. Payout rate of special fish
  • Ancient fish offers payouts ranging from 20 times to a maximum of 150 times your bet.
  • Angkang fish offer payouts ranging from 30 times to 200 times your bet.
  • Lucky Turtle rewards range from 40 times to 250 times your bet
  • Thunder Shark offers payouts between 70 times and 90 times your wager.
  • Torpedo payouts range from 80 times to 100 times your bet.
  • Sea anemone offers rewards between 90 times and 110 times your wager.
  • The Giant Squid pays out between 60 times and 180 times.
  • Golden Shark provides payouts from 80 times to a substantial 240 times.
  • The Treasure Bowl yields rewards from 3 times to an impressive 888 times your initial bet.
  1.  Jackpot payout rate
  • Rainbow Goldfish offers rewards from 66 times to 168 times your bet, including a significant jackpot. 
  • Rainbow Golden Dragon provides payout multipliers ranging from 160 times to a remarkable 320 times, accompanied by a substantial jackpot.

Top Tips for Winning the Jackpot in Fishing Games

Top Tips for Winning the Jackpot in Fishing Games
  • Avoid Scattered Shots: Focus your shooting on one target at a time and refrain from switching targets midway. Take down a fish before moving on, but be mindful not to shoot at fish about to leave the screen to prevent wasting bullets.
  • Make Use of Target Lock: Utilize the Target Lock function to continuously shoot at fish with higher hit points (HP), which typically offer greater rewards.
  • Study Wave Patterns: While fish spawn randomly, they often follow patterns, moving from the left, right, and center of the screen. Once you grasp these patterns, prioritize shooting at high-value fish to maximize your rewards.
  • Avoid Auto-Shoot Mode: Automated shooting may be fast, but it can quickly deplete your bets. Consider manual shooting and using torpedoes strategically. For instance, in multiplayer mode, launch a torpedo after someone else has shot multiple times to secure a kill.
  • Prioritize Consistency Over Big Wins: Start by aiming for smaller fish to accumulate points before targeting larger fish with more powerful weapons.
  • Try Shooting Slower Fish: Slower fish may offer smaller rewards, but they guarantee points and make up for misses you might experience when targeting fast-moving fish that disappear quickly from the screen.


Jackpot Fishing is a casino-style arcade game where players can win real money by catching virtual fish.

Players typically wager money or credits to shoot at virtual fish using in-game weapons. Different fish have different point values, and players aim to earn points and win prizes.

No, Jackpot Fishing is typically intended for adults and may have age restrictions, depending on local laws and regulations.

Many Jackpot Fishing games are available as mobile apps, allowing you to play on smartphones and tablets.


Jackpot Fishing is a captivating fusion of an online casino experience and an immersive fishing game. Players engage in thrilling gameplay, placing bets to aim and fire at virtual fish using a range of in-game weapons. Their objective: amass points and compete for enticing prizes. This dynamic game boasts an array of fish species, each with distinct abilities and point values. Special weapons such as torpedoes and electrical guns elevate the excitement. With diverse modes, betting options, and multiplayer functionality, Jackpot Fishing provides a riveting experience. Some versions even offer progressive jackpots and bonuses. It’s essential to play responsibly and adhere to local gambling regulations since real money is involved. Jackpot Fishing represents a unique blend of gaming and gambling, making it an appealing choice for those seeking adventure and rewarding gameplay.

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