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If you’ve ever traveled to the Philippines and participated in one of the local card games, you might have noticed that Tong-its is a game that’s played rather frequently here. The game is not only attractive and exciting, but it also offers a large number of options for betting. Although the card game is played often throughout the Luzon region, its precise point of origin is still a mystery. Additionally, it has some parallels with the game of Mahjong and Tonk. So, if you are interested in learning how to play tong-its, the following is a rough guide that you can use: 

Tongits Pro Guide Winning Every Round

Maintaining Your Advantage While Playing Tongits

You can stop a player from calling a draw in several different ways. A second option is to “lay off” a card onto the opponent’s combined set. After melding, a straight flush consisting of a Queen, Jack, and Ten can be put off with a King and nine cards to the Ace. If you lay your cards on top of melded cards that have been exposed, you can consider them used. 

Maintaining Your Advantage While Playing Tongits

After the dealer announces a draw, if the other players choose to avoid challenging, it is unlikely that anyone will show their hand. Because of this, the other players won’t be able to determine whether or not you won the round via bluffing. 

Some players will try to trick their opponents into thinking they have a solid hand by challenging a draw when they know they have no chance of winning after the final scores are tallied. 

Putting Your Money in Tongits

There are a few different approaches to taking a wager on tong-its. The most fundamental kind of wagering would be a pot bet, where the initial stake maybe 5 for each player. After each round’s completion, each player must contribute 1 to the pot. The player can only win this pot if they are victorious in two rounds in a row. The pot increases unless the players can win two rounds in a row. 

Putting Your Money in Tongits

The winner of each round has a chance to win based on the total amount that was decided upon beforehand. Here are a few examples: 

  • If a player is successful at Tong-it, they will receive two tokens from each player. They can obtain one for every Ace in either their fused sets or hands. 
  • Players can earn as much as three if they appear on top in a draw.  
  • Players who do not have a merged set are judged to have burned and must pay the victorious player one dollar.

The players have the option of placing a variety of side bets, which helps to keep the action moving along. 

Rules on How to Play Tongits

You can play Tongits with anywhere from three to four people, but the optimal number of players to maximize your wins is three. The regular 52-card deck is used. 

Rules on How to Play Tongits

Tongits is a card game in which the object is to either be the first player to use all of their cards or to have the fewest points at the end of the game. This means that there is a fixed monetary value associated with each card. The 10, Ace, King, Queen, and Jack all have the same value of 10. The numerical value of the cards two through nine is the same as one another, and the value of the ace is one. 

There are many methods to combine cards into a winning hand:

  • Three- or four-piece sets of identical garments
  • Sequences of identical garments

In addition to discarding, players can get rid of cards by laying them on top of melds made by their opponents. However, this can only be accomplished if the opponent has already placed down their merged cards. 

Tongits can be won in four distinct ways. Complete your hand of cards and call it a Tongit. You can compete with other players to achieve the lowest score possible. In the event that someone accepts your challenge, you can decide who has the more substantial hand by holding a draw. The alternative is to dispute a player’s draw. This draw can be utilized to bluff your opponents in certain situations (this will be discussed further down the page).


Since you are already familiar with the rules of Tong-its, you are welcome to give this game a shot at the Jiliko Casino. Put it to the test and discover who among you can call Tong-its first or emerge victorious from a draw! Have a great time with your pals while you play Tong-its right now.

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